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CuteFTP 8.0.3 Pro

Downloads: 959535
File size: 7.87MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Commercial Trial

CuteFTP 8.0.3 Pro Change Log
- Corrected issue where users were not able to connect using FTPS when server set client certificate to Optional.
- Improved error message displayed when SSL negotiation fails.
- Corrected issue where installing CuteFTP 7 and CuteFTP 8 on the same machine could result in an incompatible site manager error.
- Corrected issue where old search function was displayed.
- Corrected issue for using a script to move a file from one site to another site.
- Corrected text in GUI referring to OpenPGP.
- Set Quick Connect toolbar to not "auto-hide" by default.
- Improved text for Windows shell integration.
- Set shell integration to be on by default for all sites.
- Improved overwrite prompt to display a filename more than 30 characters long.
- Corrected issue where menu option, Enter FTP Command, was not available when the remote pane was not selected.
- Corrected on an Open SSH server with a file of the same name was not overwriting but replacing some of the content of the old file.
- Corrected issue where CuteFTP Pro displayed incorrect help file.
- Corrected issue where Bookmarks were not connecting properly.
- Corrected issue where Bookmark names were not exporting properly.
- Corrected issue where saving a file would cause a different file to be selected.
- Improved CPU usage when CuteFTP is idle.

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