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CuteFTP 8.0.4 Pro

Downloads: 681906
File size: 7.87MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Commercial Trial
CuteFTP is a reliable FTP software for home and professionals including CuteFTP clients and Secure FTP Server.

CuteFTP 8.0.4 Pro Change Log
- Corrected issue where CPU usage could peak when application was idle.
- Improved the trouble ticket generator.
- Corrected the last screen of the Folder Monitor Wizard and Folder Synchronize Wizard that were not displaying properly.
- Corrected Read Only dialog boxes in Home and Pro that display when upgrading from 8.0.xx to 8.0.xx.
- Corrected issue where renaming a file in a script might cause the file to be deleted.
- Corrected issue where transfer speed was not always optimized.
- Corrected issue where user names were not being displayed properly in the Help About after registration.

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