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CuteFTP 8.1.0 Pro

Downloads: 636700
File size: 8.37MB
Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64
License: Commercial Trial

CuteFTP 8.1.0 Pro Change Log
* Corrected issue where Data URLs were causing sublinks to go on forever using HTTP protocol
* Corrected issue where logs were not being saved
* Corrected issue where the user was unable to connect to TitanFTP using a SFTP protocol
* Corrected issue where the prompt for overwrite of files was not functioning on an MVS mainframe
* Corrected issue with thumbnails that were not loading when Turbo Mode was enabled
* Corrected issue where in CuteFTP Pro on a Vista OS if the user would connect to a site the close, minimize, and maximize buttons would not display
* Corrected issue where the Connection Wizard in CuteFTP Home would not allow www as a prefix for a host address
* Corrected issue where a prompt was missing when the user would copy files and paste them into a subfolder
* Corrected issue where an asterisk was being added to the beginning of every entry in Filter Mask and Filter NOT Mask
* Corrected issues where scheduled items seemed to get adjusted by an hour when daylight savings occurred

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